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Vacation Rental agencies pride themselves in their care to property owners and understand that each  rental property has its own unique needs. The work with property owners to determine appropriate rental fees, advertise their properties, book tenants and work with owners to determine their individual rental schedules.

Many rental companies we charge our commission only on the rental fee. All other services that they schedule or provide, such as cleaning and doing general inspections of the property, are complimentary to their clients.

During the off-season months, and for an additional fee, Rental Agents often provide limited caretaking including routine property inspections on behalf of their clients provided, however, that the premises are plowed and accessible during the snow season. They alert their clients immediately if they find anything notable from their inspections and are happy to assist clients in making arrangements to have any necessary repairs done.

A Rental Agency’s policy requires a security deposit from every tenant prior to occupation of the property. Subsequent to the rental period, all homes are inspected and the security deposit is returned to the tenant if it passes their inspection.